Monday, February 28, 2011

Advantages of Coke

If u are at home or hostel..lets do this!!

1. Put any bones in a bowl filled with Coke, it will be destroyed or disappear altogether within 2 days. Good deal for a soup bone!

2. To clean the toilet: Add a can of Coke in the toilet water and let stand for 1 hour and then 'flush'. Effects of sewage / waste will disappear from the action 'Citric acid' which is in Coke. An alternate material for washing if soap already exhausted! T

3. To remove the effects of rust from the chrome bumper cars: Wipe bumper with aluminum foil dipped in Coke. Consequently rust is gone!

4. To eliminate the effect of 'corrosion' or erosion on the screws / nuts battery: Pour a can of Coke would be lost immediately the effects of erosion.

5. To loosen a rusted screw and tight: Again, pour a can of Coke, the screws would come loose and be open.

6. To remove grease / sticky from clothes: Add a can of Coke in the washing machine with detergent and soap to wash the normal range. The grease would be lost.

7. The mirror of your car dusty / dirty / greasy? Dip a towel and wipe with a Coke. Definitely clean. There's no need to wash the spray cans are sold in the mirror like Yawata because it is very expensive!

8. The active ingredient Coke is phosphoric acid. It has a pH of 2.8. It can melt a nail in 4 days. Factory Perwaja / iron must be like this!

Acids are also eroding the strength of the spine and other bones in the body are a major cause of disease towards osteoporosis.

Please see the trucks that carry Coke syrup in the tank truck, [not ready for trucks carrying Coke bottle / can] definitely comes with a sign warning "Danger of Chemicals" . Tank truck is also covered to prevent erosion.

Please do not park / parking the car near the tank truck if a warning sign that, broke 2 because of erosion / corrosion.

Coke beverage distributors have been using it to wash the truck engines / trucks, they last 20 years. Wahh ... this must be for an overhaul!

9. 18 tablespoons sugar content of canned Coke cup of tea. Try brew coffee / tea with sugar 18 tablespoons Posted at home and drink must spit, but add the Citric acid, must face a smile. Add also the ice!.

Wahh! Taste like drinking coffee-flavored Coke. The acid will act on the tongue to give a signal to the brain that water is not very sweet drink. Tongue and brain easily been cheated. All soft drinks using the same id. Pepsi never mind. 7-up, Drinho, Yeos, Milo, F & N, etc.. Its all same! Son of the father and the family 69.

Coke stands for Cocaine drug. Original Coke drinks are designed to eliminate fatigue and intoxicating to the labor force. Cam opium into China first. Among the contents are extracted from coca leaves [cocaine], and cola nuts. The word CocaCola Tu tu mai.

Try to soak your teeth [teeth broken ker but if you want to soak your teeth in the mouth also can] in a bowl of Coke, definitely missing teeth tu / melting within 24-49 hours. That any tooth ache, try this way, coats, coats teeth missing tu bleh!

If you do not like to drink coffee, but love drinking Coke, same also! Caffein you drink, the same material in the two drinks.

10. In India, Andhra Pradesh and Chattisgarh state in specific, the farmers using Coke as a spray to kill insect pests in cotton fields and their chili. So poison seranggalah pulak.
Who is growing chilli plants at home that, spray Coke to kill insects. Spicy sweet chili-flavored taste maybe? Try it!haha

Coke Company is owned by Jewish investors 100%. Kat Mecca is Mecca Cola. Ker right? That was pi confirmed Mecca bleh kot?

So, while we drink Coke, adding that, at the same time can wash the car mirrors, wash clothes, go to the nut screw, clean toilets, insect spray, etc.

Coke apparently this can be done if the emergency replacement of detergent / lubricant finished at home. All the above facts you can try at home if it does not believe himself. Which did not pass first time the chemical sciences schools in particular may make this chemical science experiments at home.

Slap ur forehead .... ask the heart to not want to drink? I also drink occasionally!
Let us stop KFC coke..haha..drink Milo , Great time, party time, the feast time, time soccer world cup etc..or drink Mineral water...

Thank you for your time to read. Diligent reading will succeed. Luang-Take the time to read.

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