Friday, April 2, 2010


iF we waNNa knOw h0w preci0us is 1 year
then ask a student that hve failed his final exam

iFwe wanna Know h0w preciOus is 1 m0nth
then asK a moTher wh0 deLiver her baby

iF we wAnna kNow h0w preci0us is 1 Week
theN ask an mgazines edit0r

iF we waNNa kNow how preci0us is 1 dAy
theN aSk a,,,,,,,,,,,

iF we waNNa knOw h0w precious is 1 h0urs
then asK a............

iF we wanNa kNow h0w preci0us is 1 minutes
then ask smb0dy that miss his trAin

iF we wannA kn0w h0w precioUs is 1 Sec0nd
thEn ask s0mebody who safe from acciDent

iF we wAnna kn0w hoW preCious is mili seC0nd
thEn ask 100meter runner wh00 get 2Nd plaCe


if we waNNa know how preCiOus is oUr lIfe
asK sombdy wh0 have been buRied 6 feet blOw the gr0und

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syiera_minx93 said...

if u wanna n0e how precious r YOU...
ask ME...hahahaha =p

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